Il Capocollo di Martina Franca

The protégé of the Itria Valley, Capocollo di Martina Franca is the king of Apulian cured meats, its presence can be felt even with your eyes closed.

Its unmistakable aroma and unique taste are the heirs of a meticulous and patient preparation process. It is fundamental to carry out the production phases in the right time and manner so that our Capocollo acquires the characteristics of a delicious and high quality product.

Phase 1 Squadring

The cutting phase is fundamental for obtaining an excellent result.

The right cut is taken from the muscle band of the swine, the coppa, which goes from the head to the fifth vertebra, this makes clear the name of the cured meat.

Phase 2 Saling

The next step after cutting is salting, the meat selected from the precious Apulian swines is salted manually with sea salt and black pepper. The meat is left to rest for about 15 days so that it perfectly absorbs the salting.

Phase 3 Marinating

Afterwards, our capocolli are washed with “vincotto” (literally cooked wine) distilled from the vines of the Itria Valley and left to marinate for a few hours, immersed in the meat’s fragrant aromas.


Phase 4 Filling

The phase of filling is crucial to allow a correct maturing of capocolli and is done strictly by hand.

The choice of natural casing is delicate but at the same time the best to protect our capocolli.


Step 5 Smoking

The smoking process owes its unique scent to the most widespread oak tree in the area of Martina Franca, the Fragno, as well as to the almond husk, another typical plant of the Itria Valley. The combustion of these odors together takes place for about three days.


Phase 6 Seasoning

Last but not least, the seasoning phase is the focus for a delicious tasting. After scrupulous processing, the capocolli rest for a minimum of 120 days in our premises, naturally ventilated by the Mediterranean climate typical of Puglia.


Capocollo of Martina Franca

Is your mouth already watering? Just a few clicks and you can enjoy the delicious Capocollo of Martina Franca on your table.