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    A journey through Apulian flavors, including fresh and local products, enclosed in an elegant box limited edition, ready to be given as a gift to all lovers of good taste!

    Artisans Box – Gift Idea includes:

    • Capocollo di Martina Franca, the emblem of excellence of cured meats from the Itria Valley;
    • Sweet Stirrup Salami, with a balanced and aromatic taste;
    • Sweet Soppressata, a product of ancient local tradition;
    • Miccoli Extra Virgin Olive Oil, a must-have of Puglia products strictly cold-pressed;
    • Red wine IGP Puglia Sagittario, a red that goes perfectly with the specialties of the Itria Valley.

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    Capocollo of Martina Franca - Capocollo Duke 120 - Capocollo Prince 180 - Capocollo Emperor 200

    Whole piece 1.8 kg Capocollo with wooden gift box limited edition available for:

    • Capocollo di Martina Franca, intensely scented and flavored thanks to the smoking of almond hull and Fragno bark.
    • Capocollo Duke 120, prepared with skill and diligence by our artisans, and left to mature for one hundred twenty days until it reaches the right balance of flavors and aromas.
    • Capocollo Prince 180, a niche product that returns a feeling of high refinement to the palate, characterized by the time taken for its aging.
    • Capocollo Emperor 200, the hundred days of seasoning makes it an artisanal product of high quality in terms of delicacy and superfine taste.

  • confezione-regalo-capocollo-di-martina-franca-
    Capocollo of Martina Franca - Capocollo Duke 120 - Capocollo Prince 180 - Capocollo Emperor 200

    Steak 900gr with gift packaging limited edition available for:

    • Capocollo of Martina Franca, the protégé of the Itria Valley, which respects all the characteristics of a delicious, high-quality product with a delicate and unmistakable flavor.
    • Capocollo Duke 120, returns an explosion of tastes and scents to the palate after a careful processing and a maturation period of 120 days.
    • Capocollo Prince 180, dipped in “vincotto” (literally cooked wine) and cuddled by the skilled hands of artisans, is left to mature for 180 days thus creating a product capable of surprising those who taste it with its sophistication. 
    • Capocollo Emperor 200, has no rival in the delicacy and superfine taste thanks to the two hundred days of seasoning that perfect the artisans’ painstaking process in the different stages and times of production.