History and tradition



History and Tradition

The passion of two families who grew up in artisan production workshops in the town of Martina Franca, between the scents of the typical vegetation of the Itria Valley and the scents of Fragno bark, the noblest of Apulian oaks.

Passionate for over 40 years, our artisans take up the history and tradition of ancient methods, paying particular attention to the choice of meats, strictly of the pastures raised in our territory and the selection of fragrant spices of our fields, in order to delight the palate and bring it closer to the discovery of the intense but delicate flavor and smell of traditional Apulian craft products.


Masters in

Perfumes & Flavors


Meticulous in the selection of native Apulian meats and in their processing according to the artisan method, Franco takes care of his products with the same dedication he has for his family. Loved by all for his irony and his funny stories.


Careful in the administrative management and business strategies, he is friendly and ready to satisfy every single customer’s request. His proud look actually hides a generous heart.


His passion and his art in the vertical tasting of every single product, shall ensure its quality. Famous for his “being a good eater”, he delights in creating culinary recipes to the delight of the staff involved in the tasting.